Hello world

So it begins. My biggest dream since i had started programming was to become a game developer. Now, i’m making serious attempt and it’s in my plans to develop simple side-scroller game and to publish it in several stores. Moreover, some years ago my primary language was C++ but for some reasons I had to abandon using it and I bet it’s time to bring it back.

I’m going to use following tools for code development:
1) Unreal Engine 4. Several months ago Epic Inc. changed their licensing policy and they completely removed monthly fee, leaving only 5% royalty after $3000 revenue made in quarter. In addition, UE4 allows you to make pure-C++ games.

2) CLion. I do love JetBrains products. I’ve been waiting for their C++ IDE for more than a year and have started using CLion during private EAP. It’s not perfect but it’s growing very fast.

3) Xamarin Studio (previously MonoDevelop). Sometimes I will make some changes in UE4 tools code and because of they are written in C#, mono is the only solution on OS X.

Later I will try to cover some topics about creating projects and preparing the environment. Stay tuned.


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